Life moves on and the kids leave and all of a sudden the place is too big…

No, while it’s true one daughter is gallivanting all over the world and currently on her way to Harvard university and the other is soon to make me a grandad, I’m not talking about my brick home. I’m talking about this one.

Like a grumpy aged online relative, I have to say no-one visits, no-one writes and no-one really cares if or live or die. Tell me I’m wrong.

Almost everything I do online now is elsewhere… my journal largely exists now at and my photography portfolio (if I can be so bold as to call it that) lives at

So now that the renewal has come about again for this site, it looks far too costly to be continued. If negotiations with my current provider do not end satisfactorily I’ll be moving over to another place already in production, at

Hopefully I’ll not fubar up all my rosher related email accounts. But hey, everyone uses Facebook now.

  1. I shall follow you to wordpress, then. I realise I’ve been engaging more with the photos and not seeing the blog so much. Easier to follow you on wordpress.

  2. I see the Blipfoto pages more often than this one .
    Glad to know that Charlotte got over the pond OK after last week’s trauma.
    Like you. I hope to still read the Bish bits n pieces .
    Here’s to a smooth transfer for you

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