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  • Top Trumps
    Top Trumps
    It is unutterably sad to me that our leaders show such disregard for those they purport to lead that they feel able to walk roughshod over the most common of decencies. Once, when politicians were found to be...
  • For National Poetry Day
    For National Poetry Day
    I’m at best a rubbish poet, but sometimes it overflows the bin of my brain and falls into the ether. Like it did today, just in time for NPD and just after the Tory Party Conference revealed checks...
  • Three Years On, the Call Continues
    Three Years On, the Call Continues
    I don’t know if anyone realised the power that was to be unleashed three years ago today, on September 28th 2013. A ritual dance of elementals. A stirring call to if not arms then to the cauldron, the...
  • Ear Worm
    Ear Worm
    Ear worm. And he’s still in there! Wriggling! After four days of motorcycling and two days of Blues I’ve gone partially deaf! Somewhere along the line, the fitted moulded stereo earplugs I wear for riding, and the Auritech...
  • Distinguished Gentleman?
    Distinguished Gentleman?
    Just back from today’s Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride in Bristol. I was woken in the middle of the night by the noise of a torrential downpour, and when I woke up early in the morning it was still plummeting...
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