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  • Guest Blog: A Guide for Young Motorcyclists
    Guest Blog: A Guide for Young Motorcyclists
    A first for me, I think, but I was approached by PR professional and writer Joe Thomas with this article on entering the world of motorcycling. Well, who knows, it may well be helpful. All the article is...
  • European Health Insurance Card
    European Health Insurance Card
    One of those things you don’t really think about, until you start to wonder if post-Brexit we will all need to take out additional medical insurance… The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC replaced the old E111 (but...
  • Pond Updates
    Pond Updates
    Are you still reading this nonsense? LOL, ok. Since the last update lots has happened – not least a three week sojourn in France while the UK has gone utterly bonkers. Again. So, before we left to look...
  • Broke It
    Broke It
    Britain has spoken, and it’s clear message is… We can’t actually make our mind up. And so we will do the stupid thing, because that’s the zeitgeist (can we still borrow euro-words?). BUT. We’ve voted to do something...
  • Council Madness
    Council Madness
    It’s not easy being a Councillor and sometimes we get it wrong. There’ve been some recent examples where, in my personal opinion, inappropriate decisions have been made. Remember earlier this year, a parish council near me became the...
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