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  • Fake News
    Fake News
    I am pondering the current enthusiasm for “Fake News” and how it has always been here. The blatant lies and misinformation in the US at the moment, whether it be crowd numbers or whatever may have been...
  • Druidry during the Madness
    Druidry during the Madness
    There’s a thread on The Druid Network’s members’ message board “social_dot” which asks how Druids should react, should behave, should respond to Brexit, Trump, xenophobia and other world issues. I’m afraid my fingers hit the keyboard and I...
  • A Crap Rap
    A Crap Rap
    All you need is a drum and bass line and somewhere to shout at people in an angry fashion… Brexit means Brexit The will of the nation; The cutting of ties, and with no mitigation. A short...
  • Not a party animal
    Not a party animal
    I’m not good with political parties. I think I’m fairly politically aware and I think I’m wakeful of the issues with a pragmatic viewpoint. Possibly because of this I don’t do well with actually political parties. For years...
  • Two Years, Two Thousand Pics
    Two Years, Two Thousand Pics
    Mad as it seems, I’ve been uploading a picture every day for the past two plus years, to Blipfoto. Additional to that I’ve also been throwing most of the keepers up to Flickr, and that account now...
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